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i told the stars about you. - a poem

i told the stars about you,

the very stars i found in your eyes

on that June night -

told them about your beauty,

your gestures full of grace.

they glistened, spilling across the inky sky.

and i thought,

would the stars fall for you, too,

just like i?

i told the moon about you,

the very moon you gazed in wonder -

told her, ‘neath the crepuscular clouds

you smiled at me, whispered something softly

by my ears and i laughed, you too.

the breeze brought in the aura of daffodils

that bloomed in a distance

across the green meadow.

sweet is the air after a rain,

with you close to me.

and the moon beamed in borrowed light,

her silver dress waltzed with my murmur.

and i thought,

would the moon brush your cheeks

tenderly in your sleep,

and exile the envious dreams

that made a frown between those brows?

i told the summer crickets about you,

the very crickets you played with

when you were a little boy with glasses -

told them about how you ran like the summertime wind

young and free,

trying to catch the beachball.

and your dark hair caught fire

under the dazzling glows of sun.

told them about how your footsteps pounded a rhythm

on the cobblestone pavement,

told them about how your cheeks turned into

the colour of a ripe peach,

when your little world was stirred

by something a little too wild.

they kept on chirping

the summer night serenade.

and i thought,

would the crickets sing a song dedicated to you only,

or would they hold

their breath, and adored when you walked by?

then, i came to you

and told you about you.

you listened.

i told you about how i told the stars about you,

how i whispered the moon about you,

how i sang to the summer crickets about you.

you stayed quiet

the air heating.


you said -

tell me more about me.

so i continued.

i told you about the sea, the sky, the mountain and the river,

the old oak by the lake, the nightingale and the rose,

the postman…

i told you

about how i told everything about you.

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