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My Dove Flew Away for Just a Little Longer

My dove flew away for just a little longer

fetching a few branches to furnish the nest

and make it a little cosier for her baby.

I heard her husband’s calling

at 6 a.m. sharp and at 7 again,

shrieking just a little more frantically than usual.

When I checked on the baby dove,

he was still sound asleep.

The oatmeal corner I put up to feed

my dove-lovers only had one visitor

in the past few days, I wonder if she is alright.

Has she gotten lost? Has she fallen prey to the ruthless eagle?

Perhaps she has found a new home

in the mountains, in the comfort of entangled twigs.

She must still be there somewhere

I think, only

when I turn around and look

she flies off a little too fast into the night.

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