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My Gallery

| When I first picked up a paintbrush at six, I painted the wind. “But you can’t paint the wind,” said the teacher, “you can’t see the wind.” But she didn’t know that I could see the wind, I could feel every trace of it threading through my fingers and paddling my skin. On my canvas, daring colours flew and froze. 



The Stranger - an exploration of the absurd and my own voice

“Rising, street-car, four hours in the office or the factory, meal, street-car, four hours of work, meal, sleep, and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday according to the same rhythm—this path is easily followed most of the time. But one day the “why” arises and everything begins in that weariness tinged with amazement.” - The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus



The Beautiful and the Magical - wizardry, folklore, stardust, and the moon

Wizardries, folklores, nymphs, ocean, the old oak tree, stardust and the moon - this is my collection of art and poetry dedicated to the beauty in life. 



The Shape of Aura

When I was reading "Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" by Benjamin Walter, I was fascinated by the philosophical concept of "aura" - something uniquely belonging to each artwork and cannot be reproduced by any means. I had a few initial thoughts about it and wanted to learn more, so I began this independent project that explores what precisely is "aura" and the factors that shape it. In the process, I created my own art as a part of my experiment.



Complete Collection

The complete collection of my artwork.



The Absurd

My artworks dance with The Absurd.

The Moths The Prayers and Quantum Superposition.jpeg


Jacqueline's Poems

Isn't poetry strange? Everything condensates when written about in poems.



Blue and White - Homage to Chinese Antique Ceramics

Grace, elegance, strength, resilience, the crystalisation of a glorious culture - this art piece is a homage to the ancient Chinese blue and white ceramics.



Journals, Writings, and Meditations.

Writings on Art History, Aesthetic Philosophy, or any fancy.  

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